Calprotectin is a protein which handles the consequences that occurring in large amounts in neutrophil granulocytes, where it makes more accounts for 5% of the total that make with about proteins in 60% of cytoplasm proteins. the smaller amounts of calprotectin are also been detected in monocytes and activated macrophages. The structure of calprotectin usually consists of all progression to handle with more genres and two heavy formations with a molecular weight of 36,5 kDa. The main properties of calprotectin are those substances which highly comparable to those of antibiotics. For this reason, the absence of granulocytes and its antimicrobial activity suggest a substantial role in the defense of the organic.

What is being tested?

Calprotectin is a protein released by a type of white blood cell called a neutrophil. thus it is inflammation of the gastrointestinal that called (GI) tract, the neutrophils can be move to the area and release calprotectin, the resulting in an increased level of stool make the more valuable course of attraction with Sevier proclamation with systematic This test measures to all kind of level of calprotectin this stool make more way to detect with inflammation in the intestines.

:Fecal Calprotectin,Sieric Calprotectin,Necrotizing Enterocolitis,ntestinal Cystic Fibrosis

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