Interleukins are mainly natural killer cells which can be expressed by white blood cells glycoproteins produced by leucocytes for regulating immune responses. Interleukins are cytokines which mainly consist of regularity process. Interleukins promote development in T and B the inflammation of this make more important roles in infectious disease and other diseases. The first interleukins were found in 1970. There were investigators who found out about interleukins that interleukins were made chiefly by leukocytes (white blood cells). to act primarily on other leukocytes, and for this reason, they named them interleukins, meaning “between leukocytes.” Because leukocytes are involved in mounting immune responses, interleukins were thought to function with regularity and consistent with all other aspects of modulators of immune functions. Although it is an important function of interleukins, it is known that interleukins are best to produced by and interact with a host of cells not provided to involved in immunity and are involves to other physiological functions. Thus the main function of interleukins play in the body is that it make much greater leukocytes by providing with higher consumption.

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